Azumi.Moe is a fansite that is dedicated to my most favourite anime characters in the form of character profiles and screenshot galleries. It also contains a blog of anime merchandise reviews.

Why Azumi.Moe Was Created

Reason 1: Favourite anime characters

I enjoy anime very much. And of course, for certain titles there are many characters I really like.

In the earlier days of the Internet there used to be anime fansites. These fansites were created by fans and included character shrines (dedicated to one character), shipping shrines (dedicated to a character pairing couple). Many of these websites had really unique designs and were fun to browse and compare.

It is great that now we have so many platforms now that provide information for fans so quickly. Blogs, Wikis, Google Images, YouTube, etc. But in some ways I do miss the unique perspective of fansites.

Reason 2: Japanese practice

I am learning Japanese in my spare time with the help of anime and manga. And I feel it is fun to do written practice by writing about anime characters. It is a good change of pace from textbooks which can be quite dry at times. This is the first time I have made a website with the aim of reaching both Japanese and English anime fans.

I hope you enjoy your stay!