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Anime Androids and Robot Girls

Lacia “Type-005” (BEATLESS)

Lacia is a very advanced hIE robot/android girl.

Lacia meets Arato Endou during a near fatal incident when another hIE and hijacked automatic car tries to kill Arato. To stop the incident, Arato agrees to enlist Lacia’s help. But in the process, she had to register herself as Arato’s owner, changing his life onwards. Although she seems very lifelike, she is self-aware and states she has no soul, and only mimics human behaviour to satisfy them. Regardless, Arato treats hIE’s just like humans.


Last updated: June 20, 2018 (Episode 18)

Screenshot Pinups

Below are special screenshot pinups of Lacia “Type-005”, from the BEATLESS anime.

Screenshot Gallery

Below are screenshots of Lacia “Type-005”, from the BEATLESS anime.

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