Angela Balzac (Expelled from Paradise)

When an entity known as Frontier Setter attempts to hack DEVA from Earth, Angela Balzac is dispatched to Earth in a younger physical body to find Frontier Setter by liaising with Earth contact “Dingo” and with the support of her Arhan mech. Her personality is that of a tsundere, being proud and boastful of DEVA’s technology and way of life upon arriving on Earth and meeting Dingo. Gradually though she warms up towards Dingo and yearns to learn more of the world after meeting Frontier Setter.

Last Updated June 14 2018: visual pinups added.


Angela Balzac has blue eyes with very long blonde hair in the style of twintails. She wears a revealing futuristic mecha suit that is made up of a white leotard, elbow gloves and knee boots. For accessories she has has a right thigh strap, headgear and star shaped hair clips. Her outfit and accessories have green translucent highlights that glow in low light.



Below are visuals of Angela Balzac from various Rakuen Tsuihou: Expelled from Paradise clear files and calendars.

Screenshot Pinups

Below are special screenshot pinups of Angela Balzac, from the Rakuen Tsuhou: Expelled from Paradise anime.

Screenshot Gallery

Screenshot gallery of Angela Balzac, from the Rakuen Tsuhou: Expelled from Paradise anime.


Rakuen Tsihou: Expelled from Paradise was quite a popular anime movie, and received a lot of merchandise releases. Most of the merchandise was of Angela Balzac. I will feature a post in future of some of the merchandise.