Original XIII Type II (Z/X: IGNITION)

Type II was awakened in the Blue World by Administrator Vega and was tasked with capturing Sword Sniper Rigel when she resisted after finding out the truth behind Azumi Kagamihara.

Original XIII Type II is very powerful with her overwhelming armaments and physical strength. She maintains a kuudere personality.

She was summoned by Administrator Vega in the Blue World. At the time, Rigel was getting medicine for Azumi Kagamihara and escaped after she learned the truth behind the circumstances of Azumi’s treatment. Original XIII Type II was then ordered to apprehend Rigel to bring her back to the Blue World to have her memories wiped. The two would engage in multiple ferocious battles.

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Original XIII Type II is similar to Sword Sniper Rigel in many ways – they both have head gear, boots, thigh highs, long elbow length gloves, ranged weapons and the ability to fly.

Type II has very long white hair and her outfit consists of dark grey, black and teal. She wears purple and teal gloves and also has shoulder pads.

Compared to Rigel’s single rifle, Type II has 8 remote turrets that can fire an overwhelming barrage of green beams at her target.


Screenshot Pinups

Screenshot Gallery

Below is a screenshot gallery of Original XIII Type II, from the Z/X: IGNITION anime.