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Anime Magical Girls and Female Mages

Apple Magician Girl (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Apple Magician Girl was summoned along with Lemon Magician Girl by Yugi during his duel with Kaiba in Yu-Gi-Oh: The Dark Side of Dimensions.


Apple Magician Girl’s outfit is red, with gold trimmings and she has angelic like wings throughout her outfit.

Compared to Dark Magician Girl and Lemon Magician Girl, she has a more mature look with her thigh high boots having stilettos, a garter belt holding the boots and her alluring red dress.

Her accessories include red gloves with red gauntlets that extend over her elbows, a gold necklace and a belt around her waist.

Screenshot Gallery

Below is a screenshot gallery of Apple Magician Girl, from the movie Yu-Gi-Oh: The Dark Side of Dimensions.

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