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If there is a character you would like to see added, please feel free to submit a request. Requests are not guaranteed, but I will always consider them.

A successful request will include at least one anime screenshot gallery of the character.

There are two options to submit your request:

Private Request

Public Request

Use the comment form below.

This post is also available in: ja日本語 (Japanese)

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General Updates

Shirabe.Moe is now Azumi.Moe

Shirabe.Moe is now Azumi.Moe!

Azumi.Moe has a new design, featuring cute Azumi Kagamihara from Z/X: IGNITION.

Also before on Shirabe.Moe, the pages contained both Japanese and English which was confusing visitors from both and Now, there are separate pages for both languages.

English is my first language, and I am still learning Japanese using textbooks, anime and manga. So please understand that my Japanese expressions and grammar may have mistakes and not be 100% natural.

This post is also available in: ja日本語 (Japanese)

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