Framing a Z/X Anime Rubber Play Mat into an IKEA RIBBA Picture Frame

Anime Rubber play mats often feature beautiful artwork! They are meant to be used for card games but certainly make for nice tabletop surfaces. I decided I wanted to frame one of my rubber play mats as I really liked the design.

Rubber play mats come in all different sizes, most of them though are 37cm x 52cm and this is the size I will use in this guide.

In this guide we will frame an anime rubber play mat of Azumi Kagamihara from the Z/X franchise. This specific playmat is based off a card design from the Z/X: Zillions of enemies card game. In the design, Azumi is wearing Sword Sniper Rigel’s bodysuit. It’s very cute and elegant. 🙂

You will need:

  • An anime rubber play mat
  • IKEA RIBBA Picture Frame (50cm x 70cm / 19 3/4″ x 27 1/2″ version)

I chose this frame size because it includes a frame which has a 40cm x 50cm/ 15 3/4 x 19 3/4″opening. This is a good size for the rubber mat. There will be some “cropping” (1cm on each side), but otherwise is a very close fit.

Step 1: get your rubber mat and IKEA RIBBA Picture Frame. You’ll want a decent work area.


Step 2: open your rubber mat and lay it flat.


Step 3: lay the picture frame face down. Remove the backing of the picture frame. It is held in by metal tabs, best to use a flathead screwdriver to pull them upwards.


Step 4: place the rubber mat face down, and place the original paper directly on top to cover the gaps above and below the rubber mat. If the rubber mat was brand new or rolled up, it will be curling up. You can place some heavy objects, such as textbooks directly on top to help flatten it. Let it rest for a little while.


Step 5: place the picture frame backing back on and secure the metal tabs.

You are done! Isn’t Azumi Kagamihara cute? 😉